In today’s globalized market intelligent, quick and clear translation has become an essential precondition for addressing the operational, commercial and economic challenges facing business.

TechInput offers the following services:  technical translation and interpretation, composition and graphic design of documents, creation of glossaries, development and delivery of educational programmes, and publication of specialized literature.

The Company employs professional linguists, reservoir engineers, geophysicists and geologists, including native speakers of foreign languages, who provide immaculate written and oral translation of any degree of complexity.

TechInput undertakes major translation projects in areas such as well design, construction and testing, integrated reservoir analysis, and enhanced oil recovery, while also covering the full cycle of field development and production operations, including the legal and economic aspects.

In addition to the oil & gas sector, we offer translation services for the following allied sectors of the economy:
• Energy
• Chemicals industry
• Engineering and production of industrial equipment
• Transport and Logistics
• Finance and law
• Aerospace industry
• Electronics and manufacture solid-state devices
• Computer hardware and software
• Biomedical and pharmaceutical industry
• Agro-industrial sector

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