Boris Aronstein meets the readers at the Tsyolkovskiy Bookstore

December 12, 2018

December 10, 2018 - A presentation of Dylan Thomas translations by Boris Aronstein in a book called "Sound and Word", published by TechInput, took place at a Tsyolkovskiy bookstore. Boris Aronstein shared his knowledge in literary translation and answered his would-be reader's questions.

"Word and Sound" book aims at presenting the Russian reader with complete polyphony of a great Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas, with his unique sound and associative wording being his key poetical tools. The readers were presented with a unique opportunity to engage in conversation with a person who went on to visit places deeply connected to the great Dylan Thomas' birth, lifetime and death (Wales and New York). Our host also met people who knew Thomas and, most importantly, formulated an answer to a question, can one successfully translate foreign language poetry in general, and Dylan Thomas in particular.

This new book of Dylan Thomas translations by Boris Aronstein is available at the Tsyolkovskiy bookstore, and also at this site: