Between languages

  • Author: Boris Aronstein
    Publish house: ООО "Lomonosov", 2014 г.

    Price: 645 rub

    In this book, Boris Aronstein, President of TechInput Inc., appears in the role of fiction translator - a “trader between languages” as Nabokov so aptly put it. This allusion to the most famous bilingual writer is no coincidence: Boris began his professional career in the United States, at Cornell University, where Vladimir Nabokov himself lectured from 1948 to 1959 and where he wrote Lolita.


    Between Languages  consists of selected fragments from 25 years of experience in the subtle and delicate sphere of fiction translation: poems by faculty colleagues, novellas by interesting but little-known American writers (such as James Kates), and works by men of letters celebrated in the English speaking world but unknown to the Russian reader (such as Dylan Thomas).