Fragmentary Observations relative to the Positive Powers of Medicines on the healthy Human Body

  • Author: Samuel Hahnemann
    Publish house: Lyubov Lurie, Moscow, 2012

    Price: 542 rub

    The Russian translation of Samuel Hahnemann’s book “Fragments on the Positive Powers of Drugs – that is to say, their effects observed in the human body”, written in Latin, was published by the Lyubov Lurye publishing house in May 2012. The book’s publication was a dramatic event in the world of homeopathy and translation.


    “Advocates of homeopathy revere Samuel Hahnemann as the founder of that branch of medicine. For Latinists around the world Hahnemann remains the classic of early 19th century medical literature. He was one of the most influential popularisers of the ideas behind naturopathy at that time, and his works are still being actively used to this day.”


    Aleksei Solopov, Dr. Phil. Habil., Chair of Department of Classical Philology,

    Faculty of Philology, Moscow State Lomonosov University.