Environmental Effects of Oil Production

  • Author: Solntseva N.P.
    Publish house: OOO RPA «APR», Moscow, 2009.

    Price: 1200 rub

    TechInput was involved in the translation of this book, which since its publication in 1998 has become a reference text in the field of environmental science and oil extraction. It contains a methodology and the results of many years of geochemical research into the global problem of the environmental impact of oil extraction.


    The first of its kind in Russia, this work by N.P.Solntseva presents the findings of a comprehensive analysis of the environmental impact of oil spills during production and transportation operations. Her methodology is based on fundamental geochemical principles and can be used to predict the level of contamination of soil and associated elements of the natural environment.


    This book is also the first Russian monograph in the field of soil studies and environmental chemistry translated into English. It incorporates an explanatory dictionary of specialized terms, which is currently the most complete term base in this sphere. In conjunction with the Russian language version, it has become an indispensible reference material for bilingual specialists and translators in the field of environmental protection.