• Author: Boris Aronstein
    Price: 1295 rub

    Techinput published a new book by Boris Aronstein, WORD AND SOUND. The event will coincide with the anniversary of the parent company TechInput Inc. based in New York, USA. Delivery service available. 

  • Author: Boris Aronstein
    Price: 645 rub

    The TechInput Inc. Group marked its 15th anniversary by publishing a book of fiction translations by its founder, Boris Aronstein, under the title “Between Languages” – a compendium of joint creativity by the translator and authors close to his heart. 10% discount on orders in excess of 3 copies. Delivery service available.

  • Author: Samuel Hahnemann
    Price: 542 rub

    The translation of this treatise which, until now, has only been available in the Latin original has greatly expanded the knowledge of Russian-speaking pharmacists and naturopaths.

  • Author: Belousov V.S.
    Price: 290 rub

    Preparing for a meeting with a foreign oil company? This pocket phrase book for the oil & gas industry will help you communicate with your English speaking colleagues.

  • Author: Belousov V.S.
    Price: 450 rub

    This collection of highly specialized abbreviations is the result of many years of work by the author in oil and gas fields and in the offices of oil production and refining companies in Russia and abroad.

  • Author: Solntseva N.P.
    Price: 1200 rub

    This monograph by an eminent specialist in oil & gas environmental issues presents a methodology and the results of many years of geochemical research into the environmental impact of oil extraction.

  • Author: Belousov V.S.
    Price: 1100 rub

    This guide incorporates reference materials, tables and infographics covering every aspect of the oil & gas industry.